We were a band. Now we are not. If you ever wanted to know something about us, its probably in the archive.
  • I really want one of the Plea Eats Prada shirts, but I have no idea if they even still sell them.


    #awkward white girl problems.

    We don’t sell those shirts anymore. They are pretty old. But if you didn’t know the origin of that shirt, It started as a spray painted stencil shirt back in 2007 at Cornerstone. So if you really want one and you are really punk, you could make your own stencil and spray paint yourself one. Maybe make one for a close friend as well. 

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  • Anonymous asked : Who is this answering questions?


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  • plentystrongplentywrong asked : Is it too early to start an APFP tribute band? And would it be ok for a Chris-lookalike to do vocals and an Andy lookalike to do bass?

    who’s chris?

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  • Anonymous asked : Don't u hate when pretty girls put themselves down?

    Nah. Pretty girls need to be brought down to everyone else’s level anyway. 

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  • Anonymous asked : Which movie do you like more Holes or Nacho Libre?

    Holy Nacho

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  • schw4rtz-deactivated20140915 asked : How rad is Ohio?

    tennessee is better

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  • Anonymous asked : Guilty pleasure music?

    I guess metal/hardcore would be my guilty pleasure. 

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  • Anonymous asked : I'm a little disappointed that I just found out about APFP literally two days ago, and I find out you're on your last tour. The closest venue is like a two day drive away.... Any way you could consider Spokane, WA once again? Or know anyone willing to spend a thousand dollars on someone like me, (I'm jobless as well) so I could go see you guys at least once??

    hey man. I am really sorry that things played out like this for you. I wish you could’ve been jamming our music for years. Unfortunately we won’t be able to make the trip to Washington. Try to start a kickstarter or something. haha. 

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  • thisisfuckingbloodshed asked : I remember at scream the prayer '09 in Little Rock, AR, Andy said that all the vocalists , were having a contest to see who could keep a fry in their pocket the longest . who won????

    it was actually just a contest between Josh Scogin(The Chariot) and myself. Josh won on a technicality. 

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  • Anonymous asked : Do you need me to teach you how to play your songs?...

    it is possible